We offer a com­pre­hen­sive var­iety of as­sis­tive ser­vices for the con­temp­or­ary writer to produce a vi­able manu­script for pub­li­ca­tion as a qual­ity paper­back and avail­able for pur­chase on as well as through The Kindle Store and the iBooks Store.

Publication Cycles

This is es­sen­tial­ly our complete process for pub­lica­tion. There are eight basic steps that follow this approx­i­mate pro­gress with four additional items to consider:

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Typically, this first cycle is a back and forth emailing of the manuscript galleys (raw file, stripped of formatting) using MSWord© with the Reviewing Toolbar turned on so we can make (non-printing) notations. The edits may require simple corrections or complete rewrites and/or restructuring of significant parts of the manuscript.

  2.  Layout, Typesetting

Once the chapters or sections have completed the editing cycle the final edited and approved pages are imported into Adobe© InDesign© and the internal structure of the book is artistically designed to correspond to the content of the book. The typesetting is then applied making all the formatting and style settings for things like fonts and illustration, table, figure, photo placement, etc for the entire book.

  3.  PDF File Review

The individual InDesgn© chapters or sections files are converted to Adobe© Acrobat© PDF files and individually emailed to the author(s) for review. The author(s) review the files for visual appeal and minor edits.

  4.  PDF File Corrections & Adjustments

The author(s) give final instructions and/or describe the place and location of corrections and/or adjustment via emails.

  5.  Final Review and Approval

The final corrections and adjustments are made and the entire book is converted to a single PDF file for final author(s) review and approval. If there are any remaining corrections or adjustments, they will be made using the same process as the previous step. Once all the corrections and adjustments are made, the internal pages are converted one last time to a single publication file.

  6.  Cover Design

Cover design occurs simulataneously with the other steps in order to expedite the whole publication process. The artistic cover design ideas we will suggest are typically based on the complete content of the book as we understand it as well as suggestions from the author(s). Since the cover is what your audience will see first, a great cover design is crucial and always our goal. During this step, we will want to have an interview with the author(s) to capture the total essence of the goal of this project. The author(s) will, of course, have final approval of the cover.

  7.  Publication

The final approved version is converted to a format according to the printer's specifications for publication. It will be assigned a Library of Congress ISBN number and the number will be integrated to the back cover of the book as well as the verso page on the internal pages. This conversion can take at least a week due to printing requirements and possible corrections. There is also time needed for printing and and shipping (expedited or overnight) of a PROOF copy of the final book for approval. Then once we have approved this PROOF copy…

  8.  Smile

Congratulations!!! Time to celebrate! Your book is published and available on!

      i.  Print-On-Demand Account

During the final stages of this process, we will open an account with (Amazon’s "Print-On-Demand" company) or the relevant online publisher. The costs for this as well as for PROOF copies are additional and not part of our publication costs. Even though the account will be ultimately the author(s) account, we will initially need full access to the account to work with the printer so we can address any publication concerns or corrections (especially after getting PROOF copies).

      ii.  Account Turnover & Royalties

Once the book is approved and finally published, this account will be completely turned over to the author(s) and instructions provided as to how to order copies of your book at the author's discount. Author's address, banking and Tax ID Information will need to be provided for the payment of royalties (this is set-up securely and privately). Once we know the size and cost of the final book we will know better about the final royalty split with Amazon (typically it is a 60/40 split based on the final cover price—60% going to the author). Amazon is VERY fair with their split to the authors.

      iii.  Ordering Your Books

Authors can order their books through their account online at a wholesale printing prices in whatever quantities they want and sell them at lectures and events at full price (no royalties, just pure profit).

      iv.  Converting Your Book to an eBook!

The book can also be made available as an eBook edition for the Kindle or iPad. There is additional fee to convert the book and the conversion price varies depending on how difficult the book may be to convert. The more images there are, the more costly it becomes. A typical book without images usually costs about $269 and takes a minimum of 4 weeks to convert. Once converted, it will be available through The Kindle Store as an eBook as well as through the iBooks store for iPads.


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