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Fac­ing the final steps of self-pub­lish­ing my book was daunt­ing, howev­er, Rocky vir­tual­ly held my hand while taking me step-by-step through the per­plex­ing pub­lish­ing pro­cess until it was com­plete. And beauti­ful­ly so! A gor­geous cre­a­tion that was tru­ly sculpt­ed with care and at­ten­tion to de­tails. I felt the art­istry in my hands when I held the first copy of my book.
Love, Lisa

Rocky Berli­er


Rocky Berlier is a state of the art web and blog designer, book publisher, editor and creator. His unique and meticulous style, artistry and organizing abilities spawn a stunning presentation and user-friendly system. I have known Rocky for many years. He is conscientious, dedicated, thorough and a reliable master of his craft. He has designed and developed my website, my blog and two books. I highly recommend him.
Diana Aylward
32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Where You Live Counts, FrequencyRaising.com, RaiseYourFrequencyTheSmartWay.blogspot.com/

Rocky, once again you are amazing!!! As an artist, a photog­ra­pher and a friend. I couldn’t ask for a more so­phis­ticated and attractive pre­sen­ta­tion for my first book. Thanks for all you have con­tributed to my success.
Victoria Bowmann, PhD

Dearest  Rocky,
We both LOVE the book; it is just SO awe­some! Your work on this was ab­solutely ter­rific and the cover is very eye catch­ing. Every­thing is just so beau­ti­ful about it. Thank you so very much for every­thing you've done for our book! We can't wait to start the next one with you.
Yvonne Fedderson
and  Sara O'Meara

Rocky Berli­er is a dream to work with. He is a brilliant, yet sensitive ed­itor, and a gifted artist. Savvy in uploading and meeting spe­cif­ic require­ments as set by POD pub­lish­ers, he al­leviated my anxiety and made the entire process not only pain­less but actually a lot of fun. I whole­heart­edly rec­ommend him and will use his ser­vices over and            over my­self.
 — Cynthia Richmond


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In his poetry, Michael Fuchs, puts forth in rhythmic language his vision of the world and the cosmos. Often embedded in autobiographic observations, political, economic and sociological themes his poems are treated with the passionate mind and heart of the artist. As in his drawings, Michael Fuchs remains true to the classical forms of the medium; beauty for him is the preeminent bearer of all tidings his poetry conveys.