Concierge-Publishing.com is a one-stop resource for helping writers self publish, print and sell their books online with bookstores such as Amazon.com, and BarnesandNoble.com. We also assist in the creation of a mobile-device edition that will be available through the Kindle Store and the iBook Store.

We hand-hold as­pir­ing au­thors through the some­times daunt­ing and con­fus­ing jour­ney of self­pub­lish­ing. We make sim­ple the processes of edit­ing, type­set­ting, lay­out, logo des­ign, illus­­tra­tions, fi­gures, tab­les, pag­ina­tion, cover des­ign, and prep­ar­ing a manu­script for print­-on-­demand (POD) pub­li­cati­on. We have published successful books th­rough companies like: Cre­ate­Space­.com., Lulu.com, as well as other print/binding or print­-on-­demand com­panies.


The world of pub­lish­ing is go­ing through a signif­icant rev­olution in re­cent years where au­thors are no longer lim­ited by the acceptance or rejection propo­sition of a large pub­lish­ing compa­ny. Print-On-De­mand (POD) is a dig­ital print­ing technology that al­lows a complete book to be print­ed and bound in a mat­ter of minutes. Dig­ital print­ing makes it easy and cost-ef­fective to produce books one or two at a time or in small lots, rather than in larg­er print runs of sev­eral hundred or sev­eral thou­sand.

Why Self-Publish?

There are numerous reasons a writer might choose to self-publish their book but here are just a few that stand out.

  • Speed - Depending on the size of the book, our publication cycle can be as little as 45 days. If your book concept is time sensitive because of its topical subject matter, then self-publishing can give you a tremendous advantage by beating the big publishing houses to the marrket allowing you to essentially "corner-the-market" on the topic.
  • Control - You keep all the publishing rights to your work as well as have control over how it will ultimately look and feel to your reader.
  • Marketability - If your book targets a specific market but you are unsure of its viability to produce profits, then self-publishing can be a way to prove the market for your idea. Once proven, your book will be taken seriously by major publishers.
  • Profit - Typical publishing royalities are between 5-10% but with self-publishing your profit margin can be up to 70% or higher.
  • Status - Perhaps your goal is to enhance your resume or increase your status among your peers and collegues in your field of study. Self-publishing is a perfect way to build on your career.
  • Legacy - Many authors have altruistic goals and the desire to share, inform and ed­ucate the world about something im­portant they have learned. Self-publishing is the perfect way to achieve this desire.

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In his poetry, Michael Fuchs, puts forth in rhythmic language his vision of the world and the cosmos. Often embedded in autobiographic observations, political, economic and sociological themes his poems are treated with the passionate mind and heart of the artist. As in his drawings, Michael Fuchs remains true to the classical forms of the medium; beauty for him is the preeminent bearer of all tidings his poetry conveys.